too far gone - 2015

Photography -Natalie McKain                Hair and Make up - Anna Elshaw               Model - Amber Hill

Too Far Gone explores the impact of fashion on a musician’s stage persona and how this relationship between dress and character creation translates into the everyday. A stage persona is a selected perception of one’s personality, exaggerating or disguising aspects of the person’s nature. Aesthetic influences were primarily drawn from glam-rock artists of the 1970s and 1980s. 

‘Beauty in destruction’ is a key theme referenced throughout the collection, particularly evident in textile development. Textural fabric was produced from unravelled and tangled sewing thread, which is prominent through the range. This theme is also evident in the use of clear acrylic, bubbled through the melting of the material, used to make clasps, buttons and shoe tags.   

This collection explores the idea of clothing as a form of protection for the wearer, allowing them to conceal or reveal aspects of themselves as they choose. This has been communicated quite literally, through the use of thick felt to create sculptural shapes. The rigid material and broad-shouldered shapes evoke strength and power.  Leather’s protective connotations encouraged the use of hides and the development of a knitted textile made from coloured leather cord. 

Too Far Gone also draws inspiration from the gender ambiguity of artists like David Bowie. Men’s shirting details and broad-shouldered silhouettes are contrasted with billowing shapes to produce an androgynous aesthetic. The collection contrasts rich and distressed textiles with clean tailored styles to create a range that evokes strength, confidence and a rough beauty

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