Slow Consumption

At Katalyst, we believe in the power of thoughtful buying to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Making considered purchases of essential items and pieces you love will increase the amount of wears, encourage better care practices and lengthen the garment’s lifecycle. Invest in staple and statement pieces when you value the creative work of the designer and maker, keeping in mind the people behind the creation of a garment. 


We want to focus on function to ensure people can live and move in their clothes. Katalyst incorporates practical elements of garments so people want to wear them more and exercise them to their full potential. High quality finishings and focus on the finer details produce long-lasting luxury pieces. 

Small production runs

Katalyst creative director Kate makes most garments herself in her Brisbane studio, initially producing one of each size and then operating on a made to order basis. Whilst this approach is more costly than large scale production models, it heavily reduces fabric waste and more broadly the environmental impact of the brand. 


We believe educating people about the design and making process encourages deeper connection with creative pieces, increasing their perceived value and usage. All items apart from Katalyst t-shirts are designed and produced by Kate in her Brisbane studio. Kate also creates original patterns which are printed locally onto fabric.